Q. How far in advance can I book a Marhaba service?

A. In order to receive immediate confirmation, kindly book a minimum of 48-hours in advance of flight time. However, if you book less than 48-hours of flight time to/from Dubai International Airport (DXB), your booking will be subject to confirmation.

Q. Do I get immediate confirmation upon booking?

A. Yes, if booked 48-hours in advance of flight arrival/departure to/from Dubai International Airport.

Q. Can I alter/modify my booking once it has been made? If so, how do I do this?

A. Yes you can. However, alterations can be only be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of flight arrival/departure to/from Dubai International Airport.

Q. What is the procedure to apply for Dubai/Sharjah Visa?

A. If an individual is qualifying as per the eligibility criteria, he can download the form from the website, fill it up and send it across to the nearest Visa Application Centre or the same can be applied online through www.cnkmdv.com

Q. How far before the travel date can I apply for a visa?

A. You can apply for a visa a maximum of 58 days prior to your intended date of travel. The visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue.

Q. I am travelling on Emirates, can you process my visa?

A. No we do not process Visas for passengers flying on Emirates Airlines. We process visa for all other airlines. However we process the Marhaba services to the passengers flying on Emirates Airlines.

Q. Is the visa fee inclusive of all charges? Are there any additional service charges that I need to bear?

A. The visa fees are inclusive of all charges. You do not need to pay any additional charge.

Q. What are the available modes of payment?

A. You can choose Demand Draft or Cash to make your payment.

Q. Do I have to pay the same visa fees for an infant?

A. Yes. The visa fees are same for an infant or an adult passenger.

Q. Will I get an electronic visa or will it be stamped on my passport?

A. It is an electronic visa and the soft copy of the visa will be mailed to you or the same can be collected from the application center where applied for visa as it is mandatory to carry a hard copy of the visa.

Q. Will I get a single entry or a multi entry visa?

A. You will be getting a single or multiple entry visa.

Q. Can I enter and exit from any airport of UAE?

A. You can enter and exit from the Dubai/Sharjah Airport on a Tourist Visa only. For 96 hours visa entry and exit from Dubai airport only. But you are legally permitted to travel within UAE by any other means.

Q. Do you also process work permit/residence visas?

A. We process Tourist and 96 Hours Visa only.

Q. Can you FAX / Email the visa to us?

A. We cannot fax the visa but we can email it to the client subject to terms and conditions mentioned on the application form .

Q. Is the Insurance mandatory for applying a Dubai/Sharjah Visa ?

A. If the passenger is 60 years and above insurance is mandatory.

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